Step-by-Step Guide to a Basic Setup QuickBooks Online to Work Properly & Optimally

Are you a NEW Small Business Owner or one with no formal accounting system in place? Learn how to set up your QuickBooks Online account properly and efficiently to optimize the sytem by following these Step-by-Step instructions.
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About This Product:

Are you a NEW Small Business Owner OR one with no formal accounting system? Looking to change to QuickBooks Online? Struggling to set up the system properly? If so, you're in the right place! We'll teach you step-by-step how to do it properly and optimize the included  automatons.

It is imperative that all the behind-the-scenes items and sequences are set up properly in order to optimize its use and have your accounting reports be correct. I help Small Businesses with this process. I am a Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor and serve Small Business Owners by saving them time and money with innovative Accounting and Advisory solutions. One of the biggest mistakes I see is that Small Business Owners try to save money by trying to do the Accounting on their own rather than outsourcing a necessary, but non-core function, costing them dearly in the long run by not having their systems set up properly to begin with. While I don't recommend that approach, I have created this course to try and help them at least start off on the right foot by showing them how to set up and link the program pieces correctly so that everything flows properly from the start and they are not setting themselves for a big cleanup job by setting accounts and linking transactions improperly, while also showing them how to optimize and utilize the automatons available.

Whether you are starting your business and/or formal accounting system brand new, switching over from another program, or have a big accounting mess on your hand, the first step whether you do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you is to setup the QuickBooks Online account (or any accounting software for that matter). This is the service I provide routinely and expertly with my outsourced monthly, recurring Accounting clients. Normally, my firm would charge $999 to Setup a system from a "blank slate", more for a Setup that is part of a Cleanup project (and, I tend to be moderately priced, comparatively speaking), so it is a critical piece of the puzzle. This course walks you through the steps to set up the system properly, so that you are on a level playing field as you start to enter transactions (Accounting theory and how to categorize transactions is not shown, just setting the system up). Having a properly set up Accounting system can save you numerous hassles in various situations, such as tax filings, securing loans, getting a mortgage, not to mention the possibility of a hefty bill for someone to clean up the system if you do not set it up right, OR improper reporting to the IRS. NO ONE wants that.

So, let's put your business in a positive starting position by setting up your QuickBooks Online account properly by doing it right the first time.  This is a course you can keep and refer to forever as far as setting up items and adding accounts in the future, if necessary, as you grow, not a one-time quick session giving minimal information. This is a deep dive into setting up the entire accounting system properly by an Accounting professional with 20 years experience, who served as a Controller of a Manufacturing plant, and who also happens to be a Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor. Start your Accounting journey with me today.

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Setting Up Account and Settings, Manage Users, and Custom Form Styles
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Setting Up Your Balance Sheet Chart of Accounts
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Setting Up Your Income Statement Chart of Accounts
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Setting Up Products & Services, Connect Bank Feeds, and Recurring Transactions
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BONUS Session - Import Data
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Timothy Brien

I help Small Business Owners (possibly) SAVE TIME & MONEY with Innovative Accounting & Advisory Solutions!
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EXPERIENCED VIRTUAL OUTSOURCED CONTROLLER, specializing in Small Businesses with up to 15 employees.

✔️ Accounting/ Bookkeeping
✔️ TAX Planning and Prep
✔️ Payroll Processing
✔️ QuickBooks Online TRAINING Packages
✔️ Small Business Corporation Setup.

Are you looking for a financial partner who cares about you and your business so you can focus on growing your business?

We help business owners to FREE themselves from the burden of dealing with Bookkeeping/Accounting, Financials, Payroll, and Tax Planning/Preparation.

Our services include:

✔️ Cloud Accounting and Bookkeeping utilizing QuickBooks Online and 3rd Party Apps
✔️ QuickBooks Online Training
✔️ QuickBooks Online Setups and Conversions from QuickBooks Desktop
✔️ QuickBooks Online Reviews
✔️ QuickBooks Cleanup (Big or Small OR HUGE!)
✔️ Full-Service Payroll Processing
✔️ Individual and Small Business Tax Planning and Tax Preparation
✔️ Corporate Setup

Providing enormous value to you by saving you time and money while providing Peace of Mind that your Back Office is being run properly.

Viewed as a Trusted Advisor and regarded as an INVESTMENT or ASSET rather than an expense.

Are you maximizing your profits by offering your most profitable services?

Are your expenses too high compared to other such companies?

Do you have a solid Tax Planning strategy to appropriately minimize your tax liability?
Let us make your life easier by allowing us to accurately and efficiently run your Back Office, giving you one less thing to worry about!

You will receive high quality work and individualized care that could lead to and be encompassed in the excellent results and benefits you receive, including (potentially) gaining new clients and maximizing profits by offering the services you excel at and decreasing expenses by providing better efficiencies.

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